Spark Consulting Services

Design Thinking Workshops

These art-of-the-possible workshops utilize design thinking techniques to deeply analyze problems from multiple angles. By listening and working closely with your team, our aim is to present solution alternatives that get to the heart of the problem.

Process Analysis

Whether your processes or manual or complex, our process analysts can come in and use tools like Power Automate to analyze these processes to collect performance metrics, identify bottlenecks, create visual process maps, and generate an action plan for process improvement.

AI Integration

Our team of experts can help you harness the power of AI to automate routine processes, infuse existing workflows with smart, AI-driven insights, and enhance decision-making. We take a pragmatic approach to AI that perfectly blends your existing data assets with cloud and open source AI technologies.

Cloud Strategy

These workshops are designed to help customers navigate the complex world of cloud technology. From initial setup and migration to hybrid and multi-cloud strategies with Microsft Azure and other cloud platforms, we help you build a roadmap that will scale with your business (and stretch your budget).

Data Services

From data warehousing and data lakes to data science, governance, and visualization, we help you define a data strategy that will put your data to work for your business. We also offer data migration services to transfer data from legacy systems into new or cloud-based systems.

Systems Integration

Our team of integration specialists is skilled in building interfaces that seamlessly connect cloud and on-premises business systems, ensuring a unified and efficient workflow. We cover all aspects of integration including A2A, B2B, B2C, and EDI to connect the dots across your entire business landscape.

ERP Assessment

No matter how old your ERP systems are, we can help you build a roadmap to modernize and refresh your system so that you can put it to work for your business. We help customers select right-sized ERP systems, define composable ERP strategies, or innovate around the edges with legacy systems.

CRM Assessment

Similar to our ERP assessment service, we help you define the right CRM strategy for your business. The scope of this assessment includes guidance around sales automation, customer data strategy, omnichannel access, mobility strategy, AI integration, and connected field service (i.e., IoT).

Microsoft 365 Adoption

We have deep in-house knowledge of Microsoft 365 technologies and can guide you through the setup and configuration of Microsoft 365, ensuring you choose the right license that aligns perfectly with your business needs. We help you maximize the benefits and return on your Microsoft 365 investment.

Power Platform Governance

Whether you're just getting started with the Power Platform or just want to tighten things up, we can help you build your goverance strategy. Building on the CoE Starter Kit, we work closely with your team to define usage guidelines, administration policies, environmental strategy, and security policies to advance your adoption maturity.

App-in-a-Day Workshops

These introductory courses are designed to take your developers/makers through a day in the life building custom business apps. We offer workshops introducing Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Azure, and SAP development.


We have deep in-house knowledge of Microsoft, SAP, and cloud-based development technologies. From introductory courses to hands-on workshops, our team can deliver training for developers at all levels. We offer both classroom and virtual training options.

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