Project Management Solutions

Dynamics 365 Project Operations

We know Dynamics 365 Project Operations like the back of our hands - because we run it ourselves on our own projects. There's an entire value lifecycle at work, from deal management to project delivery, time capture and beyond. And if you need to connect D365 Project Operations to SAP, look no further.

Key Capabilities
D365 Project Operations
Project Online
Resource Management
ERP Integration

Resource Scheduling

There's so much AI power available in Microsoft Azure. At Bowdark, we take that power and direct it toward tough problems, like automated scheduling. We help you ensure the right resource is scheduled for the right task.

Key Capabilities
Dynamics 365 Scheduling
Constraint Management
Calendar Integration
Azure Machine Learning

Project Collaboration Tools

Bring the full power of Dynamics 365 to your favorite collaboration tools. Make Outlook and Teams essential parts of the workflow. Engage with customers and vendors on digital forms. Bowdark links them all together to streamline processes efficiently.

Key Capabilities
MS Teams Extension Apps
Office 365 Add-Ins
Azure Search
Azure Cognitive Services

Mobility Solutions

We run the full spectrum of offline-capable mobile development - from lightweight Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to commercial-grade native applications. Securely connect backend ERP and specialty systems to mobile apps. Bring up-to-date project status information to the right people at the right time.

Key Capabilities
Progressive Web Apps
Power Apps
SAP Mobile Services

Systems Integration

We blend D365 Project Operations with ERP systems like SAP and Dynamics 365 to streamline the project delivery process. That way, project team members can focus on project delviery tasks while project stakeholders have an up-to-date view of delivery forecasts, revenue projections, and contractual milestones.

Key Capabilities
Azure Integration
RPA with Power Automate
Azure Data Factory
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