Power Automate is a key part of the Power Platform - Microsoft's industry-leading low-code development platform (LCDP). With Power Automate, we can rapidly build enterprise-grade workflow and automation solutions that eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline business processes across the enterprise (and beyond).

What is Power Automate?

Power Automate is an end-to-end cloud automation platform that's used to create workflows that automate business processes. Whether you need to automate routine tasks within a department or create more elaborate interdepartment or cross-company process flows, Power Automate provides a one-stop shop for all your automation requirements.

Power Automate serves as the glue component of the Power Platform, working tirelessly in the background to coordinate activities between both systems and process stakeholders. These workflow processes can be:

  • Scheduled to run a set times/intervals (via a configurable timer).
  • Triggered by events such as the arrival of an email message, a file being created, or the creation or update of a record in a database table.
  • Called interactively from apps (e.g., Power Apps) or via the Microsoft Copilot.
Once a process trigger is identified, we can use the AI-powered Flow Designer tool to lay out your business logic step-by-step using a blend of conditional logic (built using Power Fx), loops, and callouts to business systems using pre-built connectors. The visual interface of the Flow Designer tool makes it easy for our process analysts to work closely with your team to develop and test the workflow logic.

Power Automate Flow Designer Tool
Power Automate Flow Designer Tool

One of the really powerful features of Power Automate is its best-in-class support for process and task mining. Even if your current processes are manual, we can use Process Mining to analyze your existing processes to collect performance metrics. From there, we can tap into the built-in AI features of Power Automate to create visual process maps, identify bottlenecks, and generate suggestions for process improvement.

Power Automate Process Mining Tool
Power Automate Process Mining Tool

Key Capabilities

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

Rapidly create automated workflows between apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and so much more.



With over 1,100 connectors available out of the box and support for custom connectors, Power Automate can integrate with literally anything.

Robotic Process Automation

Power Apps Copilot

Integrate with legacy systems and desktop applications - even those without APIs - using the robotic process automation (RPA) features of Power Automate desktop flows.

Pre-Built Templates

Power Apps Templates

Whether you're starting from scratch, connecting to a specific system, or even working off of an old Visio process diagram, Power Automate makes it easy to quickly go from basic concept to working prototype.

AI Builder

Power Automate AI Builder

With AI Builder, we can easily incorporate advanced AI capabilities into flows such as customer sentiment analysis, invoice and receipt processing, data extraction, and text translation.

Process Mining

Power Automate Process Mining

Process Mining provides insights and analytics for any process - even manual ones. These insights can be used to analyze process efficiency, pinpoint bottlenecks, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Practical Business Cases

  • Ad Hoc Workflows

    Automate common processes and eliminate repetitive data entry tasks.

  • Approval Processes

    Simplify approval processes using Power Automate and Microsoft Teams.

  • Digital Forms

    Automatically generate and process digital PDF forms - even fillable ones.

  • Digital Signatures

    Process digital signatures and payments using DocuSign and Stripe.

  • Desktop Automation

    Automate desktop processes and integrate with legacy Windows applications.

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