Transportation Solutions

Transportation Management

We have deep experience in SAP TM, Oracle TM, Dynamics 365 TM, and Omnitracs. We're actually excited to work with BOPF, FPM, and all sorts of deep technical tools in TM solutions.

Key Capabilities
Dynamics 365 TM
Route Planning
Rate Management
Carrier Selection

Systems Integration

We're really good at plugging things in together. Integration is so interesting to us that we wrote a whole book on it. On-prem to cloud, cloud to cloud, A2A, B2B, B2C - no sweat. That includes EDI, and especially rail solutions involving Railinc's Rate EDI Network (REN).

Key Capabilities
Railinc Rate EDI Network
Azure Integration Services

UX Modernization

We love making user experience the best it can be. We deliver a streamlined SAP Fiori UI on top of SAP TM. Often, we combine our integration and mobility specialties and create great cross-system CRM and portal experiences.

Key Capabilities
SAP Fiori
Design Thinking
SAP Fiori Launchpad
Floor Plan Manager
SAP Cloud Portal

Mobility Solutions

We run the full spectrum of mobile development - lightweight Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to commercial-grade native applications. Securely connect backend ERP and TM systems to mobile apps. Bring events and status updates to the right people at the right time.

Key Capabilities
Progressive Web Apps
Power Apps
SAP Mobile Services

Data Science & Analytics

Transportation generates loads of interesting data, but you need great tools to help you uncover insights. We make all that transportation data available to analytics tools and help provide insights on a broad array of problems: preventive maintenance, detecting anomalies in rates, and even demand forecasting.

Key Capabilities
Microsoft Power BI
Azure Machine Learning
Route Planning
Trending Analysis
Anomaly Detection
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