Aerospace & Defense Solutions

Manufacturing Systems

We've been around the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) block. Whether you're plugging a custom MES into legacy SAP ECC or launching on the newest, shiniest S/4HANA PEO: we're passionate about making MES do the right things for your business.

Key Capabilities
Dynamics 365 Supply Chain
MES & MRO Solutions

Systems Integration

We're really good at plugging things in together. Integration is so interesting to us that we wrote a whole book on it. On-prem to cloud, cloud to cloud, A2A, B2B, B2C - no sweat. Even your mission-critical mainframe processes no longer need to live in isolation.

Key Capabilities
Azure Integration
RPA with Power Automate
Azure Data Factory

Supplier Relationship Management

It's all about self-service. We help you give your suppliers the ability to manage their vital data with you through a portal. Then, analyze the data with SAP HANA, and glue it all together in the cloud with SAP BTP. Looking at Fieldglass? We help there, too.

Key Capabilities
D365 Supply Chain
D365 Project Operations
SAP Fieldglass

Mobility Solutions

We run the full spectrum of mobile development - from lightweight Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to commercial-grade native applications. Securely connect backend ERP and MES systems to mobile apps. Offline-enabling apps means your mechanics working in areas without network access can still see what they need to get the job done.

Key Capabilities
Progressive Web Apps
Power Apps
SAP Mobile Services

Contract Management

Contracts take a lot of juggling. We know this: we've helped customers build on top of SAP CRM for contracts, integrated external solutions into contracts, and sprinkled in innovative pieces like optical character recognition. And if your contracts follow a workflow for approvals, we've got you covered.

Key Capabilities
D365 Sales
D365 Project Operations
OpenText CMS
Azure Search
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