Asset Management Solutions

Asset Management Systems

Your asset management systems, whether SAP or Dynamics, give your business a window into its real-world properties and operations. We've spent lots of time in those kinds of systems over the years, and would love to help you optimize yours.

Key Capabilities
SAP Plant Maintenance
SAP Fiori
D365 Asset Management
Azure Integration Services

Mobility Solutions

We run the full spectrum of mobile development - from lightweight Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to commercial-grade native applications. Securely connect backend ERP and AM systems to mobile apps. Bring asset, equipment, and work history information to the right people at the right time - and even perform inspections and report anomalies.

Key Capabilities
Progressive Web Apps
Power Apps
SAP Mobile Services

Analytics & Prediction

Asset management generates loads of interesting data, but you need great tools to help you uncover insights. We make that data available to analytics tools and help provide insights on a broad array of problems: asset visibility, preventive maintenance, and detecting anomalies in IoT measurements.

Key Capabilities
Microsoft Power BI
Azure Cognitive Services
Machine Learning
Anomaly Detection
Azure Machine Learning
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