Data Integration & Migration Services

Each year, your company produces tons of data. Some data is highly structured (e.g., data recorded in your ERP system), but there's also quite a bit of useful information tucked away in unstructured data such as images, log files, text messages, and so forth. In many ways, you can think of all these data sources as fuel that can be used to power processes that draw amazing insights into the goings-on within your business.

However, in order to put this data to work, it must be cleansed, refined, and enriched. That's where our data integration services come in. Our data integration wizards take the jumble of numbers, texts, and images your company produces, clean it up, and line it all up so you can easily spot the gold nuggets of insight hiding in there. It's like giving your data a supercharged espresso shot, making sure it's ready to help you make those big, game-changing decisions. Let's make your data work smarter, not harder!

Hybrid Cloud Solutions
Cloud + On-Premises

Whether your data is locked up in on-premises systems or hosted in the cloud, we can access it.

Safe & Secure

We follow industry best practices to ensure that your sensitive data remains safe and secure.

Cloud Scalability
Any Data Source

From legacy mainframe systems to modern data lakes, we can work with any data source and any protocol.

Intelligent ERP
Flexible Storage Options

We provide guidance to help you choose the most robust and affordable storage solutions for your business.

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Our Approach

  • Data Discovery

    Our team works closely with you to analyze your enterprise landscape and discover key integration requirements.

  • Data Mapping

    Our team meticulously crafts data dictionaries and mapping documents, ensuring clear insight into how we integrate your data.

  • Integration

    We build and test the integration solution using Microsoft Azure, Fabric, and open source environments like Python and Apache Spark.

  • Tuning & Support

    Our team is there every step of the way to help you scale/tune the solution and provide on-going maintenance and support.

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